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New 180 Watt Digital AM/FM Stereo Conversion

Keep that original look - Replace that old sound!

Have your original factory radio converted to AM/FM Stereo with an audio output power of 45 watts per channel x 4 channels - 180 watts total. The new Aurora Design conversion board uses Phase Lock Loop technology to keep you locked on station and a more powerful 4 channel audio amplifier. This new board will bring your original radio up to state of the art performance. Does not change how the radio looks or mounts back in the car. 


  1. 1 to 4 channel amplifier operation with up to 45 watts per channel - 180 watts total power. User switchable loudness contour on/off.

  2. Conversion radio checks for number of speakers connected at turn on and automatically selects mono/stereo switching based on number of speakers connected. Activates virtual balance and/or fade functions based on number of speakers connected. Will report any speaker wiring errors on turn on.

  3. The existing tone control can serve as virtual left/right balance control and front/rear fader control for four channel operation. No longer necessary to add additional  controls to the back or bottom of the radio.  Can also use original tone switch to change volume control to a full function tone/balance/fade control. Voice announce of virtual command mode. Tone control now can be used to set Bass/Midrange/Treble/Loudness Contour Level/Sub Woofer Level and Crossover Frequency on Version 2.8 boards and later.

  4. If your radio has the original factory front/rear fader control in good condition, we can wire this control as a stereo front/rear fader control.

  5. Stereo auxiliary input added to your conversion radio for portable CD, portable cassette, your old under dash Delco 8-track player, MP3 player, XM radio, Apple iPod/i-Phone/i-Pad through headphone jack, etc.

  6. USB 2.0 Port option allows your MP3 music library to be copied to a USB flash drive and played through the radio.

  7. Bluetooth option allows wireless hands free cell phone and music streaming  from your Smart phone. Also supports voice commands if your phone has this feature.

  8. HD Radio option available.

  9. Speaker wiring and voltage level diagnostics run every time the radio is turned on. Will announce incorrect wiring on turn on.

  10. Radio conversions can be setup to run on 6 or 12 volt, negative or positive ground.

  11. Station scan on manual tune/push button radios.

  12. Station frequency announce with triple twist of volume control.

To send us a radio for repair or conversion please print and fill out our repair form:  Repair form2020.pdf  Include this form with your radio. Pack it very well especially around the face of the radio as the control shafts are very fragile and very hard to find replacements if bent or broken. You can figure on an extra $100 per side for broken control shafts. Send the radio to the address at the top of the repair form. - Thank you.


1968 Mopar Radio

AM/FM conversion with analog Aux input - two RCA jacks on the right side of the radio.

DSC03536.JPG (3962686 bytes) 


1965 Cadillac Wonderbar Bluetooth/USB

AM/FM Wonderbar Conversion with Analog Aux input, USB and Bluetooth

 DSC03522.JPG (4554634 bytes)



1965 Ford Mustang

This radio started life as an Ford Factory AM radio. It was converted to AM/FM Stereo with aux inputs. This customer requested that we relabel the dial face with both the AM and FM dial markings. This can be done on many radios that have the dial numbers printed on a metal panel behind the dial glass. Dial markings moulded into the plastic lens or etched on the glass dial cannot be altered. If you look carefully, you can see the small status LED indicator installed between the 108 and 16 on the far right hand side of the dial. (See 1966 Chevy radio for description of the status LED)

IMS_1005.jpg (38788 bytes)   IMS_1007.jpg (45121 bytes)



1935 Ford Radio

This 1935 Ford radio was converted using only the original control head. A new smaller enclosure for the electronics was fabricated for the AM/FM conversion electronics. The flexible mechanical cables are removed from the control head and the volume and tuning controls are mounted directly behind the head with electrical cables running to the new radio. This allows for greater flexability in locating the radio tuner/amplifier box in the vehicle. Converting the original control head using this method keeps the original tube AM radio intact and can be swapped back into the car should the customer decide to return the car to pure stock operation.  We have found this to be the best solution as the old 1930's and 40's radios are becoming very scarce.

DSCF0014.JPG (287103 bytes)   DSCF0016.JPG (293007 bytes)



Delco 1966 Chevrolet AM Radio

delFnt1.jpg (35894 bytes)

This Chevy radio has been converted to AM/FM Stereo with the Bluetooth/USB/Aux input option. The only change to the face is a small LED just past the 16 behind the radio dial on the above radio. This LED lights orange for FM, red for AM, green for Aux input, and blinking green when in USB pause mode. A separate small blue LED for the Bluetooth status is installed next to the radio mode status LED. On many of the radios, as you can (can't) see, the LED's do not show when the radio is off.


We start the process by removing the old AM radio electronics from the case.

delinsid.jpg (33718 bytes)

Typical 1964-1972 Delco AM radio Circuit board.


The old mechanical tuner unit is cleaned, adjusted and lubricated.

DelTun1.jpg (36732 bytes)


The new electronics are installed in the original case.

Aur4_66Chev.jpg (674888 bytes)

The visible radio cosmetics are cleaned and polished and the dial pointers are painted. Dial lens numbering is refreshed when possible. We make your radio look as good as we can depending on the condition of the original radio. (Rechoming and replacement reproduction parts available at extra cost for some radios). The face plate and dial remain unchanged. Only the insides change - and of course the sound quality. Our conversion radios carry a full 1 year parts and labor warranty. All radios include full operation and installation instruction booklet(s). (Available for download below).


Video Demo of 1956 Chevrolet Wonderbar Radio Conversion


Basic conversion for 12 volt operation starting as low as $400.00 for push button

radios 1956 and later. Call for pricing on 1955 and earlier radios.

Wonderbar / Town & Country / Signal Seeking radios starting at $550.00

Aux input kit for CD Satellite radio, iPod, MP3, Tape, etc. - Add $25.00 each.

USB 2.0 Port for flashdrives/USB devices, 2 amp max charge rate, includes Aux Input - Add $130.00

Bluetooth/USB/AUX  Connectivity hands free phone and music streaming - Add $225.00

(Bluetooth add-on includes mic w/10' cord, USB port w/3' extension, and wired analog Aux Input w/6' cord)

Subwoofer output option available on request at no charge.

HD Radio option - Add $135.00

For 6-8 volt operation Negative or Positive ground or 12 volt Positive ground - add $125.00


Conversion Radio Instructions in pdf booklet format

Conversion Radio USB Instructions in pdf booklet format

Conversion Radio Bluetooth\USB\Aux Instructions in pdf booklet format


To send us a radio for conversion, please print and fill out our service form:  Repair form2020.pdf  Include this form with your radio. Pack it very well especially around the face of the radio as the control shafts are very fragile and very hard to find replacements if bent or broken. You can figure on an extra $100 per side for broken control shafts. Send the radio to the address at the top of the repair form. - Thank you.



Due to the lack of availability of original replacement parts to service the radios and the quality of the Aurora conversion electronics, as of 1/1/2020 we are no longer accepting radios for repair or restoration. We will only accept radios for the AM/FM conversion to modern electronics.




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